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We believe the healthcare sector of Ghana and Africa will be better with right attitude, informed professionals, innovation and desire to modernize the sector with the involvement of non-health professionals, continue professional development and fitting the right people in the right job.

This portal is an avenue for persons seeking to render dedicated service in the health sector with reputable hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, health centres, NGOs, and pharmaceutical companies to login and begin the short but reliable job offer.

Our team of experts review prospective candidate’s certificate, curriculum vitae (CV) and other related documents; prepare and guide candidates through interview, aptitude test and salary negotiations before full assumption of duty.

To enjoy this service candidates are to REGISTER with us and get their application approved by paying appropriate fees.

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Employers are to submit their job offers to our recruitment team and depending on the requirements; they will review the profile and CV of prospective candidates and recommend a suitable candidate for the position.

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